Simple Safety Solutions

We understand how hard it is to balance production and protection.
We provide realistic risk management to get your company where you want to go.

What We Do:



We develop training programs that are tailored to the work you do. Not only will our advisors help implement these programs, but we can deliver all required training at your facility or ours. We take a different approach by having bilingual trainers who bring real life work experiences to the table to engage with workers. When you leave a training, you’re doing more than checking a box, you’re prepared to do your job more effectively and lead by example.

Program Development

We’ve worked on both sides of the trenchwith general contractors and awarding bodies on subcontractor management programs, and with small businesses looking to break into larger projects and public works. We help contractors mature their safety programs so they can qualify for more sophisticated projects and meet expectations.

Site Safety

In addition to providing training and site-specific programs, we put boots on the ground by joining workers on the job. The last thing we want is to be known as a “safety cop.” We know having visibility on site begins with trust, so we take the time to meet with employees and supervisors to get to know your operations through and through. Our on-demand safety support ranges from fall protection and confined space, to drug and alcohol testing and site inspections.

We Listen

We want to understand the current state of your company safety program. Don’t Have one right now? That’s okay!

We Talk

Tell us where you want to go. Do you have public works projects or a general contractor you want to work with in mind?

We Create

Our team will create simple solutions tailored to your company’s needs.



You Grow

Your workforce sustains those solutions even after we move on, throughout the lifetime of your

Safety Partner for Contractors in Kern and Fresno Counties

Official Safety partner for the Kern County Builders Exchange and the Central California Builders Exchange.

Sharing our expertise

Check out our Tailgate Safety Topics, designed to be a quick and easy way to get workers up to speed on best safety practices and OSHA regulations.

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